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What is a smart switch and how does it work?

Smart switches are one of the more common options when it comes to smart lighting. You can find them at pretty much every big box home improvement store. That said, smart switches aren’t the only or definitive best option for upgrading your home. There are two other common types of smart lighting: smart bulbs and smart plugs.


Smart Professional Surveillance System

SmartPSS (Smart Professional Surveillance System) can be used to manage small quantity security surveillance devices from Fsmart-Tech. It lets you view real-time video of several camera channels and playback video files from various cameras. With e-map support, you can clearly view the location of your devices.


Home Automation and Systems Integration

Smart House Integration is the only choice for those who desire the best performing and most innovative designs in Home Electronics, Security, and Home Management systems.


True Convenience:

Seamless Implementation & Usage: Smart home appliances are easily installable and flexible in their implementation.


Smart Climate Control

 Smart energy entails an efficient utilization of energy through improved design, high-efficiency technologies, and conservation, along with the use of clean renewable resources.


What is smart lighting?

With smart lighting you can manage the lighting in your home easily, and more efficiently. Smart bulbs screw into the existing sockets in your home and your phone.

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